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Baking Blog

Published on 07/01/22

Welcome to my baking blog.

Hi I’m Edie and welcome to my baking blog. My blog is about me doing a cooking blog every week on the weekends. I will do a regular blog doing desserts every weekend but some weeks I will do a main meal! 

Today I’m going to be starting by cooking eggs, bacon and avocado sandwiches for my family. I will include the recipe in this blog.


  1. Get all your ingredients out eg: eggs, bacon, avocado and sourdough or any bread + butter.

  2. Get your bacon and cook it with a little oil on medium heat. Don’t make it burn just crispy.

  3. Grab your eggs and cook them, leave them until the yolk is runny and poached.

  4. While the eggs and bacon are cooking, get the avocado and mash it. Also, get the bread of choice ready by cutting it, toasting it and then buttering.

  5. Get the eggs and bacon out when ready and cut the fat of the bacon. 

  6. Finally, assemble it like so: bread, avocado, bacon, then egg.

  7. Add any toppings you like eg: salt, pepper, cheese…

Guaranteed to have a clean plate. Hope you enjoy!