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5 things I like

Published on 25/01/22

5 things I like!


Woof! MMMMM! Do I see some treats? I love treats and I’ll do whatever is needed to get them. The treats are so tasty and I get one for incredibly performing a trick such as paw or stand. I found this photo of google.


Hi there, I go to competitive shows and recently I qualified for Crufts. Once I accidentally pooped in the arena like a puppy. I was told I was not allowed to do that because I‘m 2 years old and I’m not a puppy anymore. 


Walks! Walks are so fun as I get to meet other playful  dogs. I can neatly mark my territory and I can tell people I am here. I found this photo on google.


Playing! I love playing. Every time Mummy and Dominic come home I “agggggrrrrressively” play with Dominic. We intensely play tug of war with my toy Chicken. I put my paw on it! I found this photo of google.


Hairstyle! I love being groomed for I have my own grooming bag. It is filled with brushes, toothbrushes, hair clips and hair bands. I love everything except teeth brushing. It isn’t that nice.