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GALAXY QUEEN'S ULTIMATE guide on how to play Minecraft!!​​​​​​​

Published on 25/01/22

Hi! My name is Galaxy queen. Do you like Minecraft? Wait no, do you LOVE Minecraft?! If so, you’re in the right place!!

I’m going to be talking about some tips and tricks, but first, let's get the boring stuff over and done with. 

How to stay safe on Minecraft: 

A lot of parents and newbies ask me “how can I stay safe on Minecraft?” 

● Never use your real name or personal information 

● If something doesn’t feel right then you need to tell an adult 

● Linking onto the last tip, if someone is being mean to anyone or saying swear words then you must tell an adult or report it immediately. 


● Treat others how YOU would like to be treated 

● Report any bullying to an adult and/or a moderator 

● And lastly, be KIND, and have FUN!!!

Private server: 

● A private server is a server that is private so only you and your friends can join.

● There are 2 different types of Minecraft. It is Java which is for computers and bedrock which is for iPads and consoles. 

● In Java, the only way you can join each other is to have a private server. And sadly it costs some money. But it doesn’t cost too much. 

● In bedrock, you can add a friend, so whenever they are playing, you can join them. 

Now with that over and done with let's get into some fun building tips! How to build a good roof : 

There are many types of ways to build roofs in Minecraft but I’m going to show you 3 of the easiest ones.

This one is called the glass roof 

This one is called the tall roof.

And lastly, the flat roof. 

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