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What is behind the U and the N inthe UN?​​​​​​​

Published on 25/01/22

What is lurking behind the U and the N in the UN? To find out, you need to know what is the UN and how it works

The UN is a organisation made after the 2 wars to try to prevent wars happening.  The UN has votes and what to do and meetings called COP (Conference Of  Parties). They vote for the leader of the UN called the “Secretary General”. They  are in charge to make sure we all have the rights to live like food, water, shelter  etc. They also have a document called “The UN Convention Of The Rights Of A  Child” the also made the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) 

There are 17 SDGs but the 17th one is “partnership for the goals” so really there is  only 16 goals. We have to complete the goals by 2030 and the government are  doing they’re best to achieve them. Hopefully. SDG 16 is about peace, justice and  strong institutions. Peace is how nice the country is in a sense with war and  violence. The less peace the more violent the country is. Justice is about if the  government has good law, good police, good court. Strong institutions mean  strong organisations so good quality products.  

Something most people don’t know is the Sustainable Development Goals (global  goals) and (as mentioned earlier) are what has to happen to save the planet. We  can also support these goals by being kind, eco-friendly, fair and that we don’t  leave out others.