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Published on 25/01/22

Have you ever heard of the UN? Well, if not, it’s time to find out…

The word UN is short for United Nations is an enormous organisation of countries. The UN (were the allies in WW2)decides what to do to make the world a better place. Poor and not peaceful countries will be supplied and aided. On 24 October 1945, The United Nations was founded to replace the League of Nations. Some of the current states that are in the UN: China, India, France and Germany.

They make huge decisions for the world which involve a vote(every member of the UN participates)and try to achieve: world peace,better conditions for all humans around the world and also a better world. These goals the UN are aiming for all link to the 16th SDG goal.


SDG stands for(sustainable development goals) and they are targets designed to help the future international development.In 2015, They replaced the Millennium Development Goals which expired. The United Nations General Assembly(UN-GA)set up the SDG. There are 17 Goals(which are all independent and broad): No poverty, Zero hunger, Good health and more…


My family always gives as much support as possible to charity. I donate money to homeless children and make sure to use less electricity or items that are harmful to the environment.

I, myself, donate my pocket-money to charity and pick up harmful trash if I spot any.