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Junior School Fitzwilliam Building - Year 5 Trip to IWM Duxford

Published on 11/04/22

On Thursday 17 March Junior School Fitzwilliam Building Year 5 visited The Imperial War Museum Duxford as part of their topic ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ exploring transport through the ages.

With a mission to locate as many examples as possible of their assigned mode of transport, pupils were busy taking photos and exploring the hangars, finding all sorts of unusual vehicles. We also set a challenge to take the most impressive photograph from a different perspective, the children were on gantries, walking under aircraft wings and lying on the ground to capture their best snapshot. 

We were treated to two fascinating talks from volunteers, the first told us all about the speaker’s life as a young boy growing up in wartime London and the second was from a trained Navy pilot. 

The opportunity to board Concorde and an old passenger plane from the 1960s really topped off the trip. The enthusiastic response from Year 5 pupils was summed up by Lucien, “This place is amazing! I’m definitely coming here again”.