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Cambridge Assessment '100 Global Leaders' Form the Future Event

Published on 09/06/22

We were delighted to secure places at the Cambridge Assessment ‘100 global leaders’ Form the Future event in April for a select number of Year 10 and Year 12 students.

This was a unique opportunity for students to question global leaders from far afield on the finer details of their career paths, current positions whilst networking and exploring work experience opportunities.

Student quotes from Form the Future event:

“Overall I thought the event was very informative and amusing. I really enjoyed talking to people working in different industries and environments. Hearing about their experiences really helped me think about my future as well as considering what job might suit me best. An event I was particularly inspired by was the career carousel, where we had the chance to talk to people from different backgrounds and learn about their jobs. What made it even better was how we were allowed to ask questions face-to-face and hear about what they did to get to the position they’re in today. In addition, the staff were also very friendly and welcoming, and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this event.”  

Xindi - Year 10  

“The event at Cambridge Assessment was an excellent experience. The organisation is so large and diverse that the range of professions we got to talk to was vast. During the event we got to speak to a range of people each who gave us personalised support on our queries as well as providing an insight into their own journey to their position. Also included in the event was a section on online learning, which made me feel that my voice was being heard and may actually have an impact on the problems students faced during COVID-19. Speaking to people showed me the wide range of jobs available as well as a greater insight into how people get into careers, even if they are not directly linked to their university choices.” 

Alistair - Year 12