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Fitzwilliam Building Year 6 visit nature reserve

Published on 12/07/22

Year 6 at the Fitzwilliam Building have recently enjoyed a class trip to the Stephen Perse Nature Reserve. The lovely summer weather was really conducive to a great visit, allowing the children to see nature at its exuberant best.

Pupils had opportunities to explore the range of land and water habitats on offer at the reserve, searching for invertebrates in the pond, stream and the River Cam flood meadow and woodland/shrub areas.

The lush, fully-grown vegetation proved to house a rich variety of insects, snails, spiders and other invertebrates. The water of the pond and stream was teeming with aquatic life, including fearsome dragonfly nymphs, beautifully coiled pond snails and leeches, as well as a surprising number of young frogs at various stages of the process of transforming from tadpole to frog!Year 6  Fitzwilliam Building visit the Stephen Perse Nature Reserve

As always, the children hugely enjoyed the opportunity to encounter the natural world at first hand, putting into practice many of the ideas about classification, adaptation and habitats we have been learning about in biology classes. 

Hopefully, they will also have gone away with a deeper sense of the beauty and fragility of the natural world and how we can protect and preserve it, and will feel inspired to explore nature more widely.