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Welcome to Mr Young, Deputy Head Academic (11-18)

Published on 26/09/22

We are delighted to welcome Mr Young as Deputy Head Academic (11-18) at Stephen Perse.

Mr Young will be joining Stephen Perse directly from his roles as Assistant Director of Studies and Head of Economics at the Perse School. 

Mr Young has worked at the Perse for the last ten years, holding various roles, including Overseas Universities Adviser, Research Project Mentor, Head of House, 6th form tutor and coach of first XI football. He is also a Senior Examiner and lead assessment writer of the A level Microeconomics Exam for AQA.

Other roles Mr Young has held include teaching Maths and Economics at Trinity School in Croydon and working as an Economic Adviser for the Treasury Select Committee. He holds an MEd from Cambridge in Educational Leadership and School Improvement and a Cambridge MA in Economics.

Mr Young therefore brings to the role an excellent academic and pedagogical background, and zest and talent in contributing to the wider life of schools.

Mr Young said: “I am excited to be joining the Stephen Perse Foundation in September, following a decade at the (other) Perse School, here in Cambridge. Teaching is not my first career; following my BA Economics degree at Cambridge, I worked in the army, in parliament and as an accountant in the banking sector. However, teaching is certainly the one I have found most fulfilling and rewarding. As Head of Economics at the Perse I have been predominantly working with sixth-formers, not just in the classroom, but also helping with university applications, as a form tutor and in taking the football and basketball teams. Earlier in my career I was a maths teacher and a head of house, where I was working with younger age groups. Coming to Stephen Perse I am really looking forward to getting involved in developing the fantastic teaching and learning across the entire age range 11-18.

I have heard so many positive stories from Stephen Perse pupils past and present. Coming into the school I get a strong sense of the history, but also a commitment to forward-looking innovation. I recently completed a Masters in Education degree at Cambridge, so I look forward to exploring ways my studies might be able to impact the school.

I can’t wait to get started in September at the Stephen Perse Foundation. I look forward to getting to know staff, parents, governors and most importantly of all, the pupils!”