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Silk Perse Ukulele and Guitar Club

Published on 20/10/22

Silk Perse Ukulele and Guitar club by Madame Goddard (ukulele) and Mr Whyte (guitar).

Silk Perse Ukulele and Guitar ClubThe Silk Perse Ukulele and Guitar club has been meeting weekly for over two years. Members of the group have studied ukulele for Duke of Edinburgh, for CAS for IB, and above all, just for the fun of it.

Everyone plays with great enthusiasm and we are developing a large repertoire of pieces - some of which we intend to record.

In our ukulele sessions we learn chords and songs and aim to start playing and singing as quickly as possible. Since items like ‘The Lime in the Coconut’ only require the chord of C7, it is very easy to get into the swing!  In the guitar sessions the focus is on developing individual playing and rhythm styles, song learning techniques and improvising solos. 

We write songs, and Lydia K's latest is a Shakespeare sonnet set to music for guitar and ukulele.  We also curate music to teach educational concepts - as some of our pupils may have noticed in class: for example, if you are learning about Paris and French tenses -in Madame Goddard's opinion at least -  there is nothing quite like singing along to 'Aux Champs Elysées' with ukulele backing. We are also eagerly awaiting some crucial mathematical numbers (-pun intended-) written by Mrs McKenzie, which are also in the pipeline!

Ukulele and Guitar Club meets every Monday from 3.30pm till 4.45pm in M1. Everyone is welcome!