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Maths Week at Junior School Fitzwilliam Building

Published on 11/04/23

Junior School Fitzwilliam Building was awash with maths during the last week of term.

There were a variety of fun and engaging activities for the pupils to participate in. Chanting times tables as they walked in the corridors was a great way to reinforce basic maths skills and make them more memorable. Writing their favourite number encouraged the pupils to think about numbers and what they mean to them personally. Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) is a competitive and engaging way for the children to practise their multiplication skills. It was the first time our Year 2 pupils used TTRS and the responses were incredibly positive:

“I love it so much I could play it every night.”

“It’s really good for helping me with my times tables.”  

In the end the overall winners in the whole school ‘battle’ were Year 3!

Hands-on maths lessons with measurement, fractions, counting, and sorting helped to bring the concepts to life and make them more tangible for our pupils. Writing poems about maths provided a creative and fun way for the pupils to express their thoughts and feelings about the subject. 

Maths dress-up day resulted in incredibly creative outfits from geometry-inspired outfits to calculators and pun costumes including ‘I am acute y’. We were so impressed with the imagination used to come up with unique and fun maths themed outfits.

The rain on Friday didn’t dampen spirits - the playground sale was moved into the hall and was a fun experience for the children. It gave the pupils an opportunity to spend money. It's important for children to learn about managing money and making choices about what to spend it on. Having a sale at school was a great way to teach these skills in a fun and engaging manner. It was also a great way to promote social interactions and cooperation among the pupils with Year 5 and Year 6 taking responsibility to guide the younger pupils around the stalls. The money raised from the sale will be going to the House charities.

Junior School Fitzwilliam Building Open Day – 23 September – Click here and book your place.