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Year 1 Junior School Fitzwilliam Building Gymnastics Display

Published on 25/04/23

Year 1 have been working on a gymnastics unit of work covering body position, balance and jumping over the course of this term.

As a celebration of their progress, and to display their skills, we invited parents to come and watch the display. Year 1 competently showed their ability to complete a conditioned movement phrase (a gymnastic routine) which they had practised week on week to make it the best it could be.Year 1 Junior School Fitzwilliam Building Gym Display

The children all performed together in unison, (with teachers!) holding each part for five seconds - even the arch on the stomach muscle! Year 1 then moved on to their equipment routines where they showed creativity in using the apparatus in different ways to show the skills they have developed in balancing on one, two or three body parts; travelling in different ways and showing a good jump with strong arm and leg positions. To the delight of the audience, some children even demonstrated a forward roll off the apparatus.

Year 1 have worked hard to be 'real gymnasts' through how they hold their bodies, carry equipment, remove shoes tidily and tuck in their t-shirts! The display in the words of Mrs Hegarty was 'a triumph in creativity and collaboration.' Thanks to all the parents who came to watch and gave the children such positive support through appreciative smiling and clapping. We hope you enjoyed watching as much as the children enjoyed performing.

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