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Review: La Maison Hantée performed by the Onatti company

Published on 05/06/23

All pupils studying French in Year 8-Year 9 and Year 10 had the opportunity to watch an interactive comedy called, ‘La Maison Hantée’, performed in French by the Onatti Company.

Please read below some of the comments from our Year 8 and Year 10 pupils.

A Year 10 student said: “The Onatti Company did a great job of creating a funny and exciting performance for us of ‘La Maison Hantée’. They used clear expressive French to ensure that all years from 8-10 could both understand it, and find the performance enjoyable as they outlined a fun story in which characters Clara and Zoé discovered a criminal in a haunted house.”

A Year 8 student said: “Recently, the Onatti Theatre Company came to visit us and perform their production, ‘La Maison Hantée’. It was a very funny play, and I enjoyed how they invited members of the audience to participate. They spoke very clearly and it was very well written for an audience with developing language skills.”

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