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Year 10-12 Spanish Trip to Seville

Published on 03/07/23

A group of 28 Year 10 and Year 12 students had the invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating culture and stunning landscapes that Seville has to offer.

The students and teachers were so looking forward to the Seville trip. The purpose of the trip was to immerse students in Spanish language and culture and, after being postponed for three years, the school, parents and students were keen for the trip to go ahead.

Seville is one of those cities in which you always discover places that inspire you, full of colours, shades and nuances. It is the perfect place to experience authentic Spain with the wealth of delights at hand. The cultural and architectural heritage of Spain is truly showcased everywhere you go in Seville – from stunning palatial houses, Roman ruins, royal palaces to breath-taking cathedrals and churches.

Our students spent six busy days not only learning Spanish in the classroom but also experiencing it on the streets of Seville and with their host families. Every day there were cultural activities which included numerous guided visits; from the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as ‘The Réal Alcazar’ (Royal Alcazar) and the Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, to a ceramic workshop and boat trip on the Guadalquivir river. “Lo que Sevilla te da no te lo quita nadie” - what Seville gives you, nobody can take away, said the flamenco singer ‘El Lebrijano’. Colourful traditions, historic architecture, and endless experiences - all contained in one sun-soaked city.

Year 10 student Jerome said: “The Seville trip was fantastic! The lessons we had in the morning were engaging and fun whilst also teaching us a great deal about Spanish grammar. The host family I stayed with gave me exposure to everyday Spanish lifestyle and conversations. My listening skills and comprehension of Spanish language have been greatly refined. On top of it, the food I was served was delicious! The afternoon excursions we made were amazing, as we were able to visit and sightsee a great amount in only a few days. To name a few, we visited Las Setas de Sevilla, the gorgeous gardens of the Real Alcazar, and saw for ourselves the Arabic influences of the Real Alcazar.”

Year 10 student Emma said: “In the sun and thirty degree temperatures, the trip to Seville was a great experience. It allowed me to become immersed in Spanish culture: teachers speaking only Spanish at school, tours about the history and monuments of Seville and our local host families! We saw amazing architecture, for example the Catedral de Santa María de La Sede and the Royal Alcázar of Seville. When visiting the palace, we were able to see Christian and Arabic influences and understand more about the cultural and historical significance of Seville. Sitting in Plaza de España, we watched a Flamenco dancer, and appreciated the unique artistry and skill involved in the traditional dance of Spain. At home with our host families, we were able to try a variety of traditional foods, such as gazpacho and Spanish tortilla.”

Year 10 student Freya said: “During our trip to Spain, we were welcomed with open arms by our host families. They immersed us in not only the language but also the culture and specialties of Seville. Each morning we started off with school, learning valuable grammar and vocabulary as well as learning a lot about Spanish music. I really enjoyed this as it allowed us to ask any questions we had about areas that we didn’t understand. Free time during the afternoon meant we could explore the city as well as eat all the ice cream we could possibly want! Our host families also cooked us delicious cultural dishes during this time. After this each day, we had an excursion including a tour and an activity. Although the tour was purely in Spanish and difficult to understand at the best of times, it really challenged our ability to pick up on new vocabulary that wouldn’t normally be used in class and colloquialism significant to Seville. The excursions were all fascinating with trips to “Setas de Sevilla” or the mushrooms of Seville and a ceramic shop where we painted tiles. It was truly an unforgettable experience, one that I’m sure I would love to repeat in the future.”

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