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Reflections - The Outgoing Student President Team

Published on 08/08/23

The outgoing Sixth Form Student President Team share their thoughts and experiences.

Danika - Sixth Form Student President TeamStudent President - Danika

I’m extremely grateful for my time as Student President and that I got to work in a team with such passionate and dedicated people. From whole school activities such as Culture Days and Sports Day to Sixth Form events like the Winter Formal, we have tried our best to organise memorable and fun events for students.

A project I am particularly proud of starting is Culture Day in the Senior School and Sixth Form. In addition to raising money for the Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign, it was a great opportunity for us to learn about and celebrate each other's cultures. Hopefully the new team (whom we know will be equally enthusiastic and excited to start their leadership) will also have a memorable, meaningful time in their roles!

Charities - Katy and Georgia

Katy - Sixth Form Student President TeamIt has been a pleasure to lead charity events this year at the Sixth Form, with many of our events extending across the Senior School too. Navigating a post-COVID ‘cash-free’ world has been a challenge but certainly did not stop us! Since April 2022 we have raised money for four charities on local, national and international scales.

For example, we organised Easter-themed hampers for staff and students at the Sixth Form to support the continued work of the ‘Linked Schools’ club here at Stephen Perse which fundraises for the charity ‘j8’, with the £573 we raised specifically sponsoring girls’ education at a school in Malawi. We have particularly enjoyed this partnership due to the opportunities to connect with our sponsored girls by exchanging letters.

Georgia - Sixth Form Student President TeamFurthermore, the Foundation wide Big Give Challenge this year raised funds for bursaries for children from conflict-affected areas. Our main contribution to this was the staff pantomime ‘Aladdin’ which was performed by an incredibly talented cast of teachers. Understandably, this was a huge success with staff and pupils alike, and we raised £437.99 from ticket sales which was doubled by the Big Give. Referred to by an audience member as “the best £10 I ever spent”, this was certainly one of our most memorable achievements!

We’ve certainly learnt a lot about time management, persuasion and organisation through our roles as chairs of the charity committee but equally have had so much fun putting on a range of activities and experiences for such good causes.


Events - Hannah

Hannah - Sixth Form Student President TeamIt was a real honour to be a part of this team, and to lead the events committee for the Sixth Form. Perhaps our proudest achievement was the successful Winter Formal in November 2022, which gave students the opportunity to dress up and celebrate festivities with a formal dinner and dancing. Planning the event was by no means easy, but with the help and support of the team, we were finally able to give students what they wished for and plan an event to lift spirits and socialise. It was an absolute joy to see all of our hard work pay off and see the school community come together for a social celebration. It is moments like these, I believe, that ensure a school environment that brings like-minded students to connect and build social skills that will last a lifetime.

Clubs/Sustainability - Amogh

Amogh - Sixth Form Student President TeamBeing a part of this team has been an incredible opportunity for growth. I have learned how to work collaboratively with an extraordinary team, and how to effectively communicate and delegate tasks to achieve a common goal.

Moreover, it has been an honour to be an advocate for my fellow students, and I have strived to make a positive impact on their lives through various initiatives. For example, in the sustainability committee through picking apples to create circularity of food, volunteering at second hand uniform sales to discourage textile waste, and building bird boxes to support local ecosystems. It’s really been about giving back to the environment!

However, this journey has not been without challenges. Balancing schoolwork and extracurricular activities, managing conflicting schedules, and navigating unexpected obstacles have been among the many difficulties that I have faced. Nevertheless, these challenges have provided opportunities for learning and personal growth. They have taught me the importance of adaptability, perseverance, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Boarding Representative - James

James - Sixth Form Student President TeamWhen I signed up for this post at the beginning of last year, I did not expect to gain as much as I did, not just in terms of new skills, but with new experiences as well. Being a part of the Student President Team meant I was able to work as closely as I could with the school body, creating a lasting positive impact for everyone in this school. Particularly as the boarding representative, where I can say with confidence that I have left the boarding house in better shape than when I initially joined.

Therefore my impression of the time I had in the Student President Team has been very positive and I hope future teams can learn as many new things working in this position as I have.

Well-being - Katie

Katie - Sixth Form Student President TeamBeing a part of such a talented team of students has been such an honourable experience. Seeing our ideas and efforts produce real results has been so inspiring and rewarding to watch. All seven of us came into this wanting to shape and improve different aspects of our community and, although we all came in to pursue these independent goals, as a group we achieved such exceptional results that I believe will really benefit the Stephen Perse Foundation.

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