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The World of Work - Careers and Guidance Activity

Published on 31/08/23

Year 10 students have been engaged with the continuation of our careers guidance thread which started with their introduction to work experience in both its virtual and in person forms.

A number of students have managed to find experiences in the summer or already completed short placements at Easter.

The session pointed out the differences between work experience, part-time work and volunteering opportunities. It dealt with the legal basis of students their age working and got them to think about what they can get from each type of experience. The students worked in teams to identify the soft skills needed for high profile professions like a doctor, lawyer or engineer, and how they would get those from different opportunities. Realising that even the communication and public contact skills from working in a charity shop can be applied to a future career in a very different field.

At the end of the day the groups pulled together their thoughts into group posters that will hopefully remind them of the important lessons from the discussions and maybe even encourage more of them to seek out opportunities this summer.

If you have any questions about the work experience program please contact Dr Mark Woodward

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