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European Day of Languages 2023

Published on 07/11/23

Linguists are always looking for something to celebrate, eat, drink or talk about and every year in September we find a few days to celebrate modern languages in the name of the European Day of Languages.

This day was created many years ago to celebrate modern languages across the globe. The Modern Languages Department love to share their passion for modern languages across the Senior School and Sixth Form.

For Years 7 & 8 they were given a House Quiz in the form of a Kahoot, testing them on their general language skills and knowledge of different countries. A nail-biting finish to the end with much fun and information shared!

For Year 9 and upwards, including staff, a GCHQ language challenge was on the menu du jour. How many different languages could students recognise and could they decode the hidden location? Turns out quite a few people could. MI5 - please be on standby! Shout out to Mr Oliver being the fastest code-breaker across Stephen Perse.

The Modern Linguists took over the library at lunchtime and shared across the tables games, activities, sweets and sombreros. Our Head Librarian, Mr Riaz, welcomed us all in and allowed there to be a little more noise than usual in the library at lunchtime.

This was an opportunity for students to try out new languages or discover more about the ones they already know - many enjoyed working out the Cyrillic words on the Russian table and the Chinese menu puzzle. The flags across the rooms were also a big hit and led to several students challenging themselves with naming all of the countries!