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Alumna named on the BBC's '100 Women 2019'prestigious list

Published on 18/10/19

Alumna named on BBC's '100 Women 2019' list.

Alumna Sarah Martins da Silva, now a University of Dundee academic, has been named in the BBC's list of inspiring and influential women from around the world.

Dr Sarah Martins da Silva has been named on the BBC's '100 Women 2019' list which asks what the future would look like if it were driven by women.

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg and US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are among the other names included in the prestigious list.

A senior lecturer in reproductive medicine at the university's school of medicine, Dr da Silva runs a translational research programme focused around male infertility, sperm biology and drug discovery.

She said: "I hope that we can harness science, technology, investment and innovation in male reproductive health to redress global inequalities and the current burden of fertility on women.

"I am surprised but delighted to be included on the BBC 100 Women list. It will raise awareness of the leading work we are doing in Dundee in the area of male infertility."

Sarah is also an NHS Tayside honorary consultant gynaecologist based at Ninewells Hospital.

Her clinical activities include investigation and management of fertility problems, including diagnostic ultrasound and all aspects of assisted conception.

She runs sperm studies research clinics for couples affected by male factor infertility, azoospermia and unexplained fertilisation problems following IVF or ICSI.