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Explore a selection of publications by alumni or former staff, and books with a link to the Stephen Perse Foundation (formerly Perse Girls).

Samata Pattinson

Author of Fashion Designer's Resource Book (2019)

Polly Faber

Author of Mango & Bambang - Tiny Tapir Trouble (2016)

Pauline Wiles

Author of Secrets in the Sky (2015) and Saving Saffron Sweeting (2013)

Anna Colquhoun

Author of Spring and Summer Veg (2015) and Fat Slow Britain (2010)

Charlotte Collins

Translator of Robert Seethaler's -  A Whole Life (2014)

Antonia Goddard

Author of Over the Sea to Skye (2014)

Penny Feeny

Author of That Summer in Ischia (2011)

Lucy Hawking

Co-Author of George's Secret Key to the Universe (2007)

Philippa Pearce

Author of Tom's Midnight Garden (1958)

 Links to online blogs and publications:

Lizzy Denning


Jonquil O’Reilly

Codpieces: Style on the Rise

Hannah Abrey

The club hype is false: gigs are much better

Julia Hashimoto-Schaff

As a member of Fossil Free UCL, Julia was recently asked by Times Higher Education to write an article on the topic.

Nicola Lindsay (nee Townley) books on Amazon Kindle

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