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At Junior School Fitzwilliam Building, praise isn't reserved for high-flyers. We believe that our pupils should be rewarded for more than academic success.

Assemblies – celebrating a breadth of achievement

From achievements in sports and music, to examples of good citizenship and consistent effort – our assemblies celebrate a breadth of achievements.

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Individual achievements are celebrated through the presentation of Assembly Commendations, certificates for exams passed in music, dance and speech, and levels reached in sport. We also regularly celebrate the successes of our sports teams in fixtures and tournaments.

News about fundraising for charity may be given and applauded. Assembly Commendations are also awarded for particular effort or improvement, consistent reliability and good citizenship.

Each year, each form produces an assembly. The content is selected by the Form Teacher and may be drawn from one of the major world faiths, literature or current class work. All members of the class are involved. During the year there are other opportunities for pupils to contribute to assemblies, either individually or in groups.

Parents may request that their child is excused from assemblies which have specific religious content.

Houses – working together to achieve

Every member of Junior School Fitzwilliam Building, including most staff members, belongs to one of seven school houses, which are named after previous heads and governors.

House events bring pupils together from all four year groups to work together under the leadership of their house and sports captains. Competitive and non-competitive events enable House members to build friendships and create strong bonds.


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Our houses and colours

  • Cattley – Dark blue

  • Clark – Yellow

  • Kennett – Red

  • Pollock – White

  • Rose – Green

  • Street – Light blue

  • Sutherland – Orange

Pupils are awarded house points for a wide variety of reasons – a particularly pleasing piece of work, progress, helpfulness, kindness, good manners, specific performance in drama, music or sport.

We celebrate the total number of house points gained by each house at regular Awards Assemblies. There's also the House Point Cup for the house with the most points to carry off at the end of term.

In the school year, there is a programme of inter-house events. Some are competitive, such as inter-house sports and general knowledge or themed quizzes. Other events enable every member of the house to participate on behalf of the house,  such as our Integrated Learning Project activities.

Pupils with a family connection with one of the houses can inform the school, so that they can be allocated to that house.

Pupil’s work – sharing achievements

It is important that all pupils are able to share their work with their peers and in some cases, we share our achievements beyond school.

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We value each pupil's work, whether presented digitally or in a written/drawn format, spoken or performed.

Displays of pupils' work both in the classroom and around the school, highlight current topics and celebrate the achievements of each individual. Many aspects of life in school are also recorded photographically.

Pupil’s work also reaches a much wider audience via Twitter, newsletters, news items and Open Events.

There may be an occasion when, rather than public praise, a pupil is invited to discuss an individual achievement with the Head of Junior School Fitzwilliam Building.

We also encourage parents to share pupil successes out of school to celebrate within the school community.

Taking responsibility