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Charitable Foundation Office

A word from Heidi Hall, Charitable Foundation Director

The Charitable Foundation Office seeks to emulate the core values and original vision of our Founder, Dr Stephen Perse. An academic and learned philanthropist, Perse realised the primacy of education as an enabler of social mobility. Perse believed that an outstanding education should be a right rather than a privilege, accessible to all and his original ‘Grammar Free School’ was founded on these principles and helped to prepare local pupils for entry into Cambridge University. While Perse thought locally, our modern Foundation looks to the horizon in every direction, welcoming young people from the surrounding area but also from around the world and preparing them to thrive in, and serve, a global community. 

Through the development of a range of strategic programmes, we will in the future, amongst other initiatives, increase the opportunities for bursaries and undertake capital projects for the benefit of our students and the wider community. We will also seek to ensure that we build on partnerships within our community.

In line with our charitable values we are committed to tackle inequality within Cambridge and beyond. We seek to create educational pathways and invest in talented young people whatever their background.  

In creating these projects and opportunities, we believe we can all become enablers and role models for change. 

Ultimately, our ambition is to inspire and to prepare all the young people we work with to go on to serve and improve society, and even to enhance humanity.


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Bursaries - Tackling Inequality

Community Partnerships