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Please find below our Foundation policies. We also have bespoke policies for our:

If you have any concerns or queries regarding our policies please contact us.

  1. Academic Honesty 2021-2023

  2. Academic honesty in the IB Diploma Programme

  3. Admissions Policy

  4. Anti-Bullying Policy

  5. Assessment and Reporting Policy

  6. Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy

  7. Careers Education and Guidance Policy

  8. CCTV Policy

  9. Charging Policy for Public Exams 2021-22

  10. Children Missing in Education Policy

  11. Complaints Policy and Procedures

  12. Curriculum Policy

  13. Disability Policy

  14. English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy

  15. Equal Opportunities for Pupils Policy

  16. Event disclaimer

  17. First Aid Policy

  18. Forest School Policy

  19. Foundation Transport Services

  20. Gender Pay Gap 2019

  21. Gender Pay Gap 2020

  22. Gender Pay Gap - 2021

  23. Health and Safety Policy Statement

  24. Ill Health Procedures

  25. Inclement Weather and Public Examinations

  26. Information for parents on Remote Teaching Procedures

  27. Intimate Care Policy

  28. Managing Nuts and Other Allergies Policy

  29. Medicines Policy

  30. Missing Child Policy and Procedures

  31. Non-Collection of a Child Policy and Procedures

  32. Online Safety Policy

  33. Pastoral Care Policy

  34. Peer-on-peer abuse policy

  35. Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Policy

  36. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

  37. Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement - July 2022

  38. Searching and retention and disposal of confiscated items policy

  39. Smoking, Alcohol and the Misuse of Drugs and Substances Policy

  40. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

  41. Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

  42. Taking of Images by Family and Friends Policy

  43. Teaching and Learning Policy

  44. Technology Acceptable Use Policy for Pupils - Foundation

  45. Trips and Visits Policy

  46. Unreasonable behaviour towards staff policy

  47. Visitors and Visiting Speakers Policy