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The TOK Exhibition

Welcome to The TOK Exhibition

The following exhibitions were produced by Year 12 IB students last year for their Theory of Knowledge course.

This is a new and exciting task where students choose three objects and explain how they illustrate a prompt in the form of a question about knowledge, such as: ‘Why do we seek knowledge?’ 

Students ‘curate’ their own objects in effect, explaining the relevance of each object to knowledge.

The aim is for students to show how TOK appears in the real world.

As you will see, the objects are very diverse and often personal, giving us an insight into the student’s culture, life experiences or academic interests.

We hope these exhibitions will give you some fresh perspectives on your own knowledge and how you gain it.

Happy reading!

Mr Oliver, Ms Kotowska & Dr Walton-Jordan

Click on the student names below to see a sample of their work.

Vanessa C

Selina G

Oliva B C

Mathilde P

Marco L

Lucas A-R

Katie O

Jemima W

Ivana S

Bethany B

Charlotte R

Daniel O