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Published on 14/06/14

Integral to enjoying an inspirational time in the senior years of school is the opportunity to carry out an extended project. This is built in to the International Baccalaureate (the Extended Essay) but it makes absolute sense that students following alternative routes (in this case A Level) are also able to join in.


Such projects do help to make the best students prove that they really are great. It is, after all, easy to claim an interest in something but when you can prove it that makes such a difference.

This is a research project which was undertaken by a L6 (11th grade) psychology student as an additional piece of work. It is not a requirement of the A level Psychology specification that a project of this nature is carried out, but the process of undertaking the background reading, designing the experiment, collecting the data, analysing it and interpreting it in the light of the existing literature provides an excellent opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they have gained in studying Research Methods as part of the syllabus. It also provides experience in writing a Psychology report, using the standard academic conventions and this is something which proves tremendously useful in preparing students for university interviews and for their undergraduate studies. This is an excellent example of what a high performing student was able to achieve over a 3 week period during the Summer term.

Download Lotte's project here.