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British Museum Trip Review by Ilaria Year 11

Published on 18/05/23

British Museum Trip Review by Ilaria Year 11.

Having convened in the dining hall, we made our swift departure on the coach. Celeste and I greatly enjoyed our viewing of ‘The Greatest Showman’ and our merry group had arrived in London in no time. Upon entering the museum, we all marvelled at the vast open space, architecture and gift shop - but there was no time to waste due to the multitude of artefacts we were ready to see.

Celeste and I don’t take Classical Civilisation as Year 11s, so joined a lovely group of Year 10 students. We somewhat chaotically made our way through the great crowds to see the Elgin Marbles. Whilst taking plenty of pictures, we read the marbles’ labels. Both Celeste and I were enamoured with the cows on the frieze. I was also particularly interested in the depiction of the festival procession.

We then moved to a series of rooms containing many artefacts that the Classical Civilisation students had to answer questions on. While I don’t yet study the subject, I enjoyed looking at these objects and discovering their stories. After that, we saw the Bassae Frieze and had some time to look around the museum by ourselves. Then we got to browse the gift shop and buy any items that took our fancy.

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to the British Museum and I’m now very excited to study Classical Civilisation at A Level.

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