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Our leaver destinations represent the best, most exciting opportunities the world has to offer.

Our students achieve top results and go on to study at world-leading universities. Just as importantly, they are encouraged to pursue their dreams and follow the path that's right for them. Whether it's a place at a top university, a training scheme with Deloitte, or studying overseas - your future is your choice. See our leavers destinations year by year below:

Leavers destinations 2023


University of Cambridge

  • Classics

University of Oxford

  • English and French
  • French and Beginners’ Italian
  • Psychology and Linguistics
  • Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Human Sciences
  • Psychology and Linguistics

Russell Group Universities

University of Birmingham

  • Dental Hygiene and Therapy

University of Bristol

  • Modern Languages
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Physics with Astrophysics
  • English and Spanish
  • Data Science with a Year in Industry
  • Zoology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Aerospace Engineering

Durham University

  • Biochemistry
  • Anthropology
  • Mathematics (3 years)
  • Mathematics (4 years)
  • Law
  • Psychology

University of Edinburgh

  • French and Spanish
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • German and English Literature

University of Exeter

  • Flexible Combined Honours with Work Abroad
  • Law with Business with Professional Placement
  • Psychology

Imperial College London

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry with Research Abroad and a Year in Industry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Engineering

King’s College London

  • Molecular Genetics
  • Ancient History
  • Philosophy

University of Leeds

  • Physics with Astrophysics
  • Fine Art
  • Psychology
  • Mechanical Engineering

London School of Economics and Political Science

  • International Relations and History
  • International Social and Public Policy
  • Economics

University of Manchester

  • Biosciences with Foundation Year
  • Management (Marketing) with Industrial/Professional Experience

Newcastle University

  • Psychology
  • Architecture

University of Nottingham

  • Medicine at Lincoln
  • Natural Sciences

Queen Mary University of London

  • Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics

University of Sheffield

  • Medicine

University of Southampton

  • Psychology
  • Politics

University College London

  • Medicine (6 years)
  • History, Politics and Economics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Geography
  • Physics
  • Urban Planning and Real Estate
  • Geography (International)
  • Physics
  • Neuroscience

University of Warwick

  • Economics
  • Biological Sciences with Placement Year
  • Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Cyber Security

University of York

  • English
  • Business of the Creative Industries
  • Philosophy
  • Biology
  • Physics


Other UK High Performing Universities

Anglia Ruskin University

  • Business Management
  • Optometry

Keele University

  • Physiotherapy with Foundation Year

Lancaster University

  • English Literature

Leeds Trinity University

  • Physical Education and Sports Coaching with Foundation Year

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

  • Theatre and Production Technology

London Metropolitan University

  • Business Management (including Foundation Year)

Loughborough University

  • History
  • International Business (with Placement Year)

Oxford Brookes University

  • Physiotherapy

Royal Holloway University of London

  • Economics

SOAS University of London

  • International Relations

St George's, University of London

  • Medicine (MBBS)

University of Bath

  • Politics and International Relations with Professional Placement or Study Abroad
  • Pharmacology
  • Mechanical Engineering

University of Bedfordshire

  • Sport and Physical Education with Foundation Year

University of Brighton

  • Politics, Sexuality and Gender
  • Architecture

University of Chester

  • Biomedical Sciences

University of East Anglia

  • Computer Systems Engineering with a Year in Industry
  • Psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Law

University of Plymouth

  • Marine Biology

University of Reading

  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Science

University of St Andrews

  • Biology

University of Surrey

  • Accounting and Finance


Non- UK High Performing Universities


  • Dickson College USA – Economics


  • University of Amsterdam – Economics
  • University of Amsterdam – Political Science


Leavers Destinations 2022
Destination Course
Boston University USA Liberal Arts
Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medicine
City, University of London Economics
Columbia University USA Liberal Arts
Goldsmiths, University of London Media and Communications
Harper and Keele Veterinary School Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
Imperial College London Biomedical Engineering
Imperial College London Design Engineering
Imperial College London Mechanical Engineering
Imperial College London Physics
King's College London Biochemistry
King's College London Modern Languages with a Year Abroad
King's College London Music
King's College London Neuroscience and Psychology with a Year Abroad
King's College London Physics
Kingston University London Foundation Year Engineering
Lancaster University Finance, Accounting and Management
Liverpool John Moores University Mechanical Engineering
Northumbria University Newcastle 3D Design
Nottingham Trent University Product Design
Palacky University Olomouc Czech Republic Medicine
Purdue University USA Liberal Arts
Queen Mary University of London Engineering with Foundation
Queen's University Belfast Aerospace Engineering
Royal Agricultural University Applied Equine Science and Business
Royal Holloway, University of London Politics and International Relations
Sciences Po France Bachelor of Arts
St George's, University of London Biomedical Science
The University of Edinburgh Chinese and Spanish
The University of Edinburgh Engineering
The University of Edinburgh History of Art
The University of Edinburgh Russian Studies and Linguistics
The University of Edinburgh Spanish and Classics
The University of Hong Kong Economics
The University of Manchester Linguistics and Social Anthropology
The University of Sheffield Law
The University of Sheffield Medicine (Phase One)
University College London (UCL) Anthropology
University College London (UCL) Biochemistry
University College London (UCL) Classics with Study Abroad (4 Years)
University College London (UCL) Economics and Statistics
University College London (UCL) French and Russian
University College London (UCL) Medical Innovation and Enterprise
University College London (UCL) Pharmacy
University College London (UCL) Philosophy
University of Bath Modern Languages (French Advanced & Spanish Beginner)
University of Bath Politics with Economics
University of Bath Psychology
University of Birmingham Computer Science with Digital Technology Partnership 
University of Birmingham Law
University of Cambridge Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
University of Cambridge Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
University of Cambridge Classics
University of Cambridge History of Art
University of Cumbria Physiotherapy
University of East Anglia (UEA) Law
University of East Anglia (UEA) Medicine
University of Exeter International Relations
University of Exeter Maths with Foundation Year
University of Exeter Zoology
University of Hertfordshire Astrophysics
University of Leeds Gateway Year to Medicine
University of Liverpool Veterinary Science
University of Nottingham Biochemistry
University of Nottingham Geography
University of Nottingham Management
University of Nottingham Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Oxford Fine Art
University of Oxford Philosophy, Politics and Economics
University of Reading Museum and Classical Studies
University of South Wales Aeronautical Engineering (Including Foundation Year)
University of St Andrews Classics
University of St Andrews French
University of St Andrews Mathematics
University of Surrey Business Management with Foundation Year
University of Surrey Nutrition and Dietetics
University of Sussex Art History and Film Studies
University of the Arts London Psychology of Fashion
University of Toronto Canada Engineering
University of Toronto Canada Biochemistry
University of Warwick Physics
University of Warwick History of Art
University of York Biology
University of Surrey General Engineering
Leavers destinations 2021 
Destination Course
Brunel Automotive engineering
Cardiff University

French and English Literature (4 years)

De Montfort University Design Crafts
De Montfort University Architectural Technology
Durham University International Relations
Durham University Economics and Politics
Durham University Modern Languages and Cultures
Durham University Law
Durham University History
Durham University Philosophy
Durham University English Literature
Durham University Modern Languages
Durham University Natural Sciences
Durham University Japanese Studies
Edinburgh Structural Engineering
Emory College USA Liberal Arts
King's College London, Medicine
King's College London, University of London European Studies: German Pathway
King's College London, University of London Economics
Kingston University

Foundation course: Cyber Security & Forensics

Loughborough University Graphic Design
Newcastle University Modern Languages
Newcastle University Classics
Nottingham Psychology
St Andrews Mathematics
University of Sussex Psychology
The University of Edinburgh Ancient History
The University of Edinburgh Economics
The University of Edinburgh Psychology and Linguistics
The University of Edinburgh Mathematics
The University of Edinburgh French and English Literature
The University of Edinburgh Chemistry
University College London (UCL) Arts and Sciences
University College London (UCL) Arts and Sciences
University College London (UCL) Biological Sciences
University College London (UCL) Architecture
University College London (UCL) Natural Sciences
University College London (UCL) Classics
University College London (UCL) Physics
University College London (UCL) Law
University College London (UCL) Architecture

Electronic Engineering with Foundation

University of Bath Mechanical engineering
University of Bath Politics with Economics
University of Bath Mathematics and Physics
University of Bath Civil and Architectural Engineering
University of Birmingham Medicine (5 years)
University of Bristol Computer Science
University of Cambridge Medicine
University of Cambridge Classics
University of Essex Sociology
University of Exeter Psychology
University of Exeter History
University of Kent Biology
University of Leicester Medicine
University of Liverpool Medicine
University of Nottingham Medicine
University of Nottingham Psychology
University of Oxford Law
University of Sheffield Medicine (Phase One)
University of Sheffield

General Engineering with a Foundation Year

University of St Andrews Classics
University of Surrey

Music and Sound Recording (Tonmeister)

University of the Arts London Fine Art
University of Toronto Social and political sciences
University of Warwick Management
University of Warwick Psychology with Linguistics
University of Warwick Economics
University of Warwick English Literature
University of Warwick History of Art with Italian
York Ecology
Leavers destinations 2020
Destination Course
Anglia Ruskin Paramedic Science
Bristol Law
Bristol English Literature
Bristol Biology
Bristol Russian Studies
Cambridge  Natural Sciences
Cambridge Natural Sciences
Cardiff Law
Durham Economics
Durham Combined Honours in Social Sciences
Durham Natural Sciences
Durham Combined Honours in Social Sciences
Durham Combined Honours, Social Sciences
Durham Modern Languages and Cultures
Durham Geography
Durham Geography
Durham (UBC Canada) Law
Exeter English and Film & Television Studies
Exeter Liberal Arts with Study Abroad
Exeter Psychology
Exeter Geography
Exeter Physics with Astrophysics
Exeter Geography
Imperial College London Molecular Bioengineering
King's College London History
King's College London Electronic Engineering
King’s College London (University of
Hong Kong)
Leeds Environment and Business
Lublin, Poland (Plymouth UK) Dentistry
Newcastle Geography
Newcastle Biochemistry
Oxford Classics
Oxford Engineering
Oxford Classics
Oxford Economics and Politics
Oxford Geography
Oxford Law
Oxford German
Oxford Brookes Sociology
Reading Real Estate
Sheffield Politics and Modern Languages & Cultures
St Georges Hospital London Biomedical science
St Georges Hospital London Paramedic Science
The University of Edinburgh Art
Trinity College Dublin Medicine
UBC Canada Political Science
University College London Spanish and Portuguese
University College London Chemical Engineering
University College London Psychology
University College London Medicine
University of East Anglia (Norwich) Medicine
University of East Anglia (Norwich) Law
University of Surrey Veterinary Medicine and Science
University of the Arts London Virtual Reality
University of Uppsala Pol Kand (Politics, Economics and Geography)
Warwick Mathematics
Warwick Law and Sociology
York English
Leaver Destinations 2019
Destination Course
Bath Economics
Birmingham English
Cambridge Maths
Cambridge Natural Sciences
Charles University, Czech Republic Medicine
Copenhagen University, Denmark Biotechnology
Durham Classics
Durham International Relations
Durham Law
Durham Biological Science
Edinburgh Mathematics
Exeter Classics
Exeter Liberal Arts
Goldsmiths Fine Art
Imperial College London Medicine
Kings College London Music
Kings College London Law
Leeds Art Foundation
Leicester Medical Biochemistry
Liverpool Medicine
London School of Economics Politics and Philosophy
London School of Economics Economics
London School of Economics Law
London School of Economics Financial Mathematics
Manchester Psychology
Newcastle  Medicine
Newcastle Medicine
Nottingham Microbiology
Nottingham Veterinary Science
Oxford (New College)  History and Economics
Oxford (Magdalene)  English
Oxford (Magdalene) Classics
Oxford (New College)  Classics
Oxford Brookes Motor sport Engineering
Reading Psychology
Sheffield Engineering
Southampton Medicine
University College London Arts and Science
University College London Mathematics
University College London Biomedical Science
University College London History of Art
University College London Biotechnology
University College London History
University of East Anglia English and Drama
Duke University, USA Biological Engineering
Warwick Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Warwick International Management
Warwick History of Art
York Philosophy, Politics and Economics
LEAVER destinations 2018 

Leaver destinations for the class of 2018 include:

Biochemistry Birmingham
Biological Sciences Durham
Biological Sciences Oxford
Biomedical Sciences Queen Mary University of London
Chemistry Edinburgh
Chemistry with a Year in Industry York
Chemistry with Molecular Physics Imperial College London
Chemistry with Year in Industry Leicester
Chinese Studies Manchester
Classics Birmingham
Classics Oxford
Computer Science Swansea
Computer Science York
Criminology York
Criminology and Psychology Lancaster
Economics Cambridge
Economics University College London
Economics York
Economics and German Cardiff
Electronic Engineering with Artificial Intelligence Southampton
Engineering Stanford (USA)
Engineering University of Toronto (Canada)
Engineering (Foundation Year) Coventry
Engineering (Mechanical) University College London
Engineering Design with Study in Industry Bristol
English Language and Literature Oxford
English with Creative Writing Nottingham
Environmental Geography York St John
Film Falmouth
Fine Art Oxford
French and Economics Warwick
Geology Exeter
History Cambridge
History Oxford
History Oxford
History of Art York
History with Study Abroad Exeter
International Business Management and Languages (Chinese) Heriott-Watt
Japanese Studies with Russian Sheffield
Law Warwick
Liberal Arts and Sciences University College Maastrict (Netherlands)
Management London School of Economics
Management Warwick
Management with International Buisness Royal Holloway
Mathematics Imperial College London
Mathematics and Statistical Science University College London
Medicine and Surgery Newcastle
Modern Languages Nottingham
Modern Languages and Cultures (with Year Abroad) Durham
Music College Guildhall
Natural Sciences Cambridge
Philosophy Bristol
Philosophy and Greek Edinburgh
Philosophy and Sociology Exeter
Philosophy with Psychology Warwick
Philosophy with Theology & Religious Studies Aberdeen
Psychology Bath
Psychology Essex
Psychology and Philosophy Nottingham
Russian and Persian Oxford
Social Policy with Government London School of Economics
Social Sciences University College London
Veterinary Science Bristol
LEAVER destinations 2017 

Some of our leaver destinations for 2017: 

Architecture Cambridge 
Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad University College London 
Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad University College London 
Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad University College London 
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Cambridge 
Biomedical Science Oxford Brookes 
Biomedical Sciences Edinburgh
Business Management Newcastle 
Chemistry East Anglia (UEA)
Classics Nottingham 
Classics  Oxford 
Computing Science East Anglia (UEA)
Dental Hygiene and Therapy Birmingham 
Discrete Mathematics Warwick 
Economic History London School of Ecomonics 
Economics Bocconi, Italy 
Economics King's College London
Economics and Finance Bristol 
Egyptology Liverpool 
Engineering East Anglia (UEA)
Engineering with Foundation Year Cardiff 
English Bristol 
English Cambridge 
English Language and Literature Oxford 
English Language and Literature Oxford 
Geography King's College London
Geography King's College London
Geography Oxford 
German Oxford 
German Oxford 
German and Politics Nottingham 
History Cambridge 
History Exeter 
History Oxford 
History and International Relations King's College London
History and Politics Oxford 
History of Art Courtauld Institute of Art 
International Business Management (Food and Agribusiness) Royal Agricultural University 
International Relations and Law SOAS University of London 
Italian and Politics Edinburgh
Law Durham 
Law Durham 
Law Durham 
Law East Anglia (UEA)
Law York 
Law (Bachelor of Laws) London School of Ecomonics 
Law with Criminology Sussex 
Law with French Law Oxford 
Liberal Arts Davidson College, USA
Management Nottingham 
Mathematics and Finance (3 years or 4 year SW) City University London 
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Bristol 
Medicine East Anglia (UEA)
Medicine Imperial College London 
Medicine Imperial College London 
Medicine Leeds 
Medicine St George's University London 
Medicine - MBChB Standard entry (5 years) Bristol 
Midwifery Nottingham 
Midwifery Studies with Registration as a Midwife King's College London
Mining Engineering Exeter 
Modern Languages and Cultures (with Year Abroad) Durham 
Music Cambridge 
Philosophy Cambridge 
Philosophy Southampton 
Philosophy, Politics and Economics Warwick 
Physics Imperial College London 
Physics King's College London
Physics with Astrophysics Leicester 
Politics and International Relations and Quantitative Research Kent 
Psychology Exeter 
Psychology York 
Quantity Surveying Reading 
Scandinavian Studies and Classics Edinburgh
LEAVER destinations 2016

Some of our leaver destinations for 2016:

Accountancy Deloitte
Accounting and Finance Newcastle
Actuarial Science City University, London
Anthropology Durham
Archaeology, Anthropolgy and Art History University of East Anglia
Architecture Bath
Art Foundation Leeds
Biochemistry Oxford, St Hugh's College
Biological Sciences Imperial College, London
Biomedical Science UCL
Biomedical Science UCL
Biomedical Science with Management Imperial College, London
Biomedical Science with Management Imperial College, London
Biomedical Sciences UCL
Chemistry Nottingham
Economics Leicester
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Manchester
Engineering Cambridge, St Catharine's College
English Queen Mary's London
English Literature Durham
English Literature and History Durham
European Law Warwick
French and Italian Oxford, New College
French and Linguistics Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall
Genetics Nottingham
Geography Leeds
Geography Exeter
Geology Durham
German and Hispanic Studies Queen Mary's London
History Leeds
History Oxford, Lincoln College
History Sheffield
History of Art Edinburgh
History with Economics Manchester
Human Social and Political Sciences Cambridge, Newnham College
International Relations King's College London KCL
Law Cambridge, St John's College
Law Durham
Mathematics Warwick
Mechanical Engineering Vienna Technical University, Austria
Mechanical Engineering Vienna, Austria: Technical University
Medicine KCL
Medicine Edinburgh
Medicine UCL
Medicine UCL
Medicine Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College
Medicine Cardiff
Medicine Imperial College, London
Medicine Queen Mary University of London
Medicine Hull York
Medicine Cambridge, Murray Edwards College
Music Durham
Natural Sciences Durham
Nursing Bangor
Philosophy and German Oxford, Lincoln College
Physics Oxford, Merton College
Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Cambridge, Clare College
Psychology Leeds
Psychology Sheffield
Psychology York
Psychology University of East Anglia
Social Anthropology London School of Economics LSE
Social Anthropology Edinburgh
Social Science Sciences Po, France
Social Sciences Sciences Po, France
Sociology Manchester
Spanish and English Literature Edinburgh
Theology and Religious Studies Cambridge, Christ's College
Viking and Old Norse Studies (4 years) UCL
LEAVER destinations 2015

Some of our leaver destinations for 2015:

Aerospace Engineering Leicester
American History UEA
Ancient History Durham
Anthropology UCL
Architecture Westminster
Arts and Sciences UCL
Biochemistry Bath
Biochemistry UCL
Biological Science Oxford - Pembroke
Biology York
Chemistry Warwick
Chemistry Oxford - St Anne's
Chemistry UCL
Computer Science Cambridge - Jesus
Dentistry KCL
Dentistry KCL
Dentistry Liverpool
Economics UCL
Economics Warwick
Economics and Politics Warwick
English Warwick
English Warwick
English and History Exeter
French and Latin St Andrew's
Geography Cambridge - St Catharine's
Graphic Design Kingston
History Cambridge - Jesus
History Warwick
History Exeter
History Warwick
History and Journalism Stirling
History of Art Oxford - St John's
History of Art Courtauld Institute
Law York
Law Cambridge - St John's
Liberal Arts KCL
Liberal Arts Utrecht
Liberal Arts Princeton
Marketing Leicester
Maths Cambridge - Pembroke
Mechanical Engineering Imperial
Medicine Edinburgh
Medicine Cardiff
Medicine Brighton and Sussex
Medicine Leicester
Medicine Sofia, Bulgaria
Medicine Imperial
Modern Languages UCL
Natural Science Cambridge - Peterhouse
Natural Science UEA
Natural Science Cambridge - Clare
Natural Sciences Cambridge - Downing
Philosophy St Andrew's
Philosophy UCL
Philosophy Reading
Philosophy Manchester
Philosophy and Psychology Oxford - New College
Philosophy and Theatre Studies Glasgow
Physics and Astrophysics Exeter
PPE Warwick
Psychology Cambridge - Pembroke
Psychology Durham
Social Anthropology Oxford Brookes
Theology Cambridge - Jesus
Theology Bristol
Translation Geneva
LEAVER destinations 2014

Some of our leaver destinations for 2014:

Agricultural Engineering Harper Adams
Archaeology and Anthropology Oxford (Keble College)
Astrophysics Edinburgh
Chemistry York
Chemistry and Maths Leeds
Classics Cambridge (Jesus College)
Classics Oxford (Oriel College)
Classics Exeter
Computer Science York
Dentistry Leeds
Economics Cambridge (Murray Edwards College)
Economics and Maths Trinity College, Dublin
Education Goldsmith's, London
Engineering Oxford (New College)
English York
English Oxford (Lincoln College)
English Edinburgh
English Cambridge (Pembroke College)
English Goldsmiths, London
Environmental Policy and Economics LSE
European Social and Political Studies UCL
Geography Durham
History Bristol
History King's College, London
History Oxford (Merton College)
History Warwick
History York
History Edinburgh
History and Anthropology Goldsmith's,London
History and Russian Oxford (New College)
History and Russian Exeter
Japanese Leeds
Law Durham
Law Newcastle
Law Exeter
Liberal Arts Carleton College, USA
Liberal Arts New York University, USA
Liberal Arts King's, London
Maths Imperial
Medicine Exeter
Medicine Leicester
Medicine Imperial
Medicine Oxford (Balliol College)
Medicine King's, London
Medicine Cambridge (Jesus College)
Natural Sciences Cambridge (Trinity College)
Pharmacy Durham
Philosophy and History Exeter
Philosophy and History Southampton
Physics Nottingham
Physics Imperial
Physiotherapy Sheffield Hallam
Politics Leicester
PPE Exeter
PPE Warwick
Psychology and Linguistics Oxford (St Catherine's College)
Rural Property Management Reading
Spanish Edinburgh
Spanish and Arabic Oxford (St John's College)
Television and Radio Salford
Veterinary Science Cambridge (Jesus College)
Zoology Manchester