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Assessment Process for Year 7 and Year 9 Entry

Admissions pre-tests by 8 January 2022

Candidates applying for entry in Year 7 and Year 9 will be asked to complete a suite of four CAT 4 cognitive ability online tests (verbal reasoning, nonverbal reasoning, spatial reasoning and quantitative reasoning). These can be completed either at home in the week ending 8 January, or at the candidate’s current school. The tests must be completed by the end of the day on 8 January. 

We will use the CAT 4 tests, current school reports and headteacher references (provided by their current school) to determine those candidates who will be invited to our interview day, which takes place on 22 January 2022. 

We regret that not all students who complete the CAT4 tests will be invited to the interview day. This is because we tend to have many more applicants than places available, and it is not possible to accommodate all applicants at the interview stage in a way that allows us to ensure a positive experience for all. 

However, parents of those students who are not invited to the interview day will be notified of their scores in the CAT4 tests and will receive an indication of their child’s performance relative to the rest of the field of applicants.

Interview Day - 22 January 2022

We aim to ensure the interview day is as enjoyable for all children as possible regardless of the outcome. We provide refreshments throughout the day and all the tasks and the interview are intentionally designed to be short, accessible and stimulating. 

Students will be asked to complete a short comprehension or creative writing task (15 minutes) and a short maths test (15 minutes). There will also be a short group exercise and a 1:1 interview with a senior member of academic staff who will do all they can to help your child to show their best self. The order in which tasks are undertaken may vary. 

Offers and waiting list places

Offers will be sent out in the week commencing 24 January and the acceptance  deadline is 8 March for those holding an offer of a place. 

Students who are not offered a place may be placed on a waiting list; a number of offers are made to students on the waiting list after acceptances have been received on 8 March if any places remain unfilled at that stage. 

Year 7 (11+) and Year 9 (13+)

  • 10 December 2021 - Closing date for applications

  • 8 January 2022 - CAT4 tests must be completed

  • 14 January 2022 - Invitation sent for interview

  • 22 January 2022 - Interview day

  • Week commencing 24 January 2022 - Offers made

  • 8 March 2022 -Acceptance of offers

Year 8 and Year 10 entry

  • 10 December 2021 - closing date for applications

  • 8 January 2022 - CAT4 tests must be completed

Students will only be interviewed should occasional places be available for entry into Year 8 and Year 10. the interviews will take place remotely.

Register for a place

To register for a place at the Senior School please click the link below.

Have other questions?

See our Admissions FAQ for further information.

For any other enquiries please contact our admissions team at or call 01223 454762