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We offer two Art and Design A Level options; Fine Art and Textile Design.

Both courses follow the Pearson Edexcel Exam specification. Edexcel A level Art and Design 2015 | Pearson qualifications.

In an increasingly visual world where problem solving and the requirement to be able to think outside the box are growing in importance, these Art and Design A Level courses prepare students to engage with the world visually and understand the importance of the visual, design and decorative arts in the past and for the future of humankind. The courses are both intellectual and practical and build on GCSE knowledge and skills with students working with increasing independence using their strengths and areas that interest them and thus interpreting themes in individual and unique ways. It prepares students for a future in the many areas of Art and Design, engineering, architecture or as a vehicle for self expression and a creative addition to the A level choices.

Both Fine Art and Textile Design follow the same course but with a different emphasis on the materials and techniques utilised to realise intentions. In both areas drawing, digital and photography are used.

In Fine Art the focus is on painting, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics and printmaking.

In Textiles the focus is on two dimensional surface decoration using print, embroidery, felt, silk painting and working more 3 dimensionally with garment construction and sculpture. Students can work as a fine artist or as a designer using textiles.

These lists are not set in concrete and students are encouraged to explore a wide range of materials and techniques and these will overlap between the areas.

Edexcel Art and Design and Textile Design

In both core topics covered will be:

  • Develop, review and refine ideas
  • Analyse contextual and other sources to inform your investigations
  • Explore and select appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes
  • Record your ideas, observations and insights
  • Present personal and meaningful responses

Course content

Year 1

  • To introduce students to the Fine Art and Textile Design courses they experience a series of experimental workshops over 4 weeks, working on various skills-based techniques and processes. This is followed by the first project which culminates with a 5 hour progress test in January. The main A level project (body of Work) commences in February and is initiated using a selection of provided themes or the student’s own devised theme. The first outcome for this body of work is realised by the end of Year 12 and utilises a 10 hour exam period. In the summer term students commence a written personal study which accompanies their practical work.

Year 2

  • In Term 1 students develop their personal work working towards another outcome for their body of work and complete their personal study. The coursework is completed by January. The Externally Set Assignment ESA (Exam) title is provided by the exam board at the start of February and this becomes the focus of work leading into the 15 hour exam in May.


Personal investigation

This component is worth 60% of your A Level. It requires you to produce a portfolio of practical and written work based on personal starting points.

Externally set assignment (ESA)

This component is worth 40% of your A Level. It requires you to produce preparatory studies and personal outcome(s) based on a theme set by the exam board. The theme will be released to you in February of your final year. You’ll have 15 hours to produce your personal outcome or outcomes.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

edgar degas