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Across our schools, we have developed a collaborative approach to leadership. Each Head leads their own school, whilst also engaging with colleagues to be leaders for the whole Foundation. 

Head of Stephen Perse International and Boarding

Denise Hammersley

I strongly believe that school should provide a rich, varied and challenging education in a supportive environment, allowing students the opportunity to realise their full potential. I want our boarders to enjoy the independence that living away from home brings whilst feeling comfortable and secure. I feel fortunate to live in boarding myself as I get to interact with aspirational young people from all over the world every day. 

I taught in Abu Dhabi for ten years then, having been a Deputy Head in North London, moved to Cambridge to become a Deputy Principal nine years ago. For the past ten years, I have also been an ISI inspector which I enjoy as it affords the opportunity to observe practice in a wide range of schools throughout the country.

Our Foundation is a vibrant, dynamic place to work