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Across our schools, we have developed a collaborative approach to leadership. Each Head leads their own school, whilst also engaging with colleagues to be leaders for the whole Foundation. 

Head of Junior School

Katie Milne

I have held a number of roles within The Stephen Perse Foundation and currently very much enjoy leading and working with Junior School pupils and staff.

As an avid geographer and teacher of Religious Studies, I have a particular interest in the development of children as responsible members of society who exhibit keen environmental awareness and a desire to help others.

'Inspire and guide' encapsulates our raison d'être and I am always excited to see our pupils motivated to grasp opportunities and push out the boundaries of their knowledge and understanding. I believe that our creative and innovative approach to teaching brings out the very best in every individual, leading to most successful learning outcomes.

During the last few years I have worked towards creating cohesion across the 3-11 schools of our Foundation, building on well-established links with the 11-18 schools, and opening new avenues for liaison, such as with IAPS and the Royal Society.

"The future of education lies in the hands of our young learners."

Our Foundation is a vibrant, dynamic place to work